Always check in for your flight early.

Having finally got our passports Tuesday afternoon we knew we would definitely be on our way to the States on Wednesday night. Sean, bless him, had two upgrade passes which we decided to cash in on this flight. Because the firm had booked us Premium Economy seats this meant we would be going Business Class – IF we were lucky! Check in was 5.45pm but because we had checked out of the hotel at 12noon we decided to get to the airport early and spend some time relaxing in the Koru Lounge – no, I was definitely not going near the orange juice!

As we checked in we were confirmed the upgrade, the staff member saying that there were only two seats available in Business Class and 18 people on the waiting list for them!! Lucky us – yahoo. Timing is everything. After 7 days in Auckland, 3 hotels, loads of walking, and time spent waiting and wondering, this was awesome news. We will arrive in Seattle via San Francisco 2 ½ weeks later than planned. Not to worry – that’s the way things sometimes go and as I learned the other day ranting and raving doesn’t always produce results any faster.

So ciao for now beautiful New Zealand, see you in 6 months. There are a few things I plan to do during my stay in Seattle – learn a language, take a course in photography, research how to write a blog and do lots of walking. No doubt I may be forced into shopping in my down time – required to lift the soul when missing my gorgeous boys (that’ll be quite often I imagine)!

Photo:  Auckland Skytower – sky walker trusting their tether

9 Replies to “Now here’s a lesson”

  1. I am so envious of you and Sean on your big adventure! I have heard that Seattle is one of the more beautiful of American cities and your description reinforces that. I’m really enjoying your blog honey bunny, so please keep them coming! I do feel though that a trip to some shoe shops must be high on your list of things to do in the next few days? With photos? 😉


    1. I will do that just for you……….if I have to (just kidding) YES, just tonight Sean said he’d like to go to a baseball game and would I – I said would you like to go shoe shopping?!! xx


  2. Wonderful to read your blog. Funny I can just imagine you both and us being the same if we were in your shoes. All the tree’s sound amazing what a cool experience. Looking forward to the updates, getting cold here so enjoy you won’t miss anything here so don’t fret make the most of your adventure it will go quickly.
    Love ya heaps. Sal x


    1. Thanks Sal – we should be shifting into our apartment soon so that will no doubt be another “episode”! We are having loads of laughs so it’s all good. xxxx S


  3. What a great idea to write a blog like this, plus you take excellent photos!
    We are sure you will have lots of wonderful tales to tell over the next six months and look forward to reading them. xxx


    1. Thank you! I will be taking the camera out tomorrow with me – I’m aiming to get an awesome photo of some red alders xxx


  4. Really looking forward to following you on your adventures!! I will, of course, be holidaying vicariously through you, so please make sure you visit lots of shoe shops and take plenty of photos of the architecture and scenery! Missing you already!!……


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