I need a girlfriend app on my phone.  I have been trying to find a nice sundress to tide me over this summer in Seattle.  Today has been hot – 32 degrees Celsius at 7pm tonight!  The trouble is I have no girlfriend in Seattle to accompany me on my quest to find the right sundress.  HG is more than happy to join me but offers very polite advice what suits and what doesn’t.  I suspect he really does not mind what I wear.

It’s a terrible stage to be at actually ……… 50 something.  My mind hasn’t yet caught up to my biological age, so I often try on clothes I would have when I was 30 something, only to be shocked by the sight of my exposed knees or saggy upper arms!!  Where did they suddenly come from?

Not quite ready for the twinset and pearls look (although it looks great on a 30 something), and past the above the knee hemline and shoestring straps stage, I’m having trouble wondering what suits me or not!  I’ve totally lost it – I’m just not sure what I should be wearing.   A girlfriend app would be useful at this time!  She would be helpful for other dilemmas too – should I grow my hair out or keep it short?

Pondering this thought this afternoon I have come to the conclusion it’s time for a total reinvention. The perfect time really being somewhere where nobody knows me.  Karen Walker, Madonna, Ines de la Fressange, Juliette Binoche ……  any suggestions girlfriend app?

In between these thoughts today HG and I visited Hiram M Chittenden Locks in Ballard, Seattle.  It took us two buses to get there which wasn’t a problem until we had to wait for our second bus near Pioneer Square in Seattle.  It was while we were waiting for our bus to arrive that we saw the more desperate side of life and it’s fair to say I was really shocked and saddened to see it.  Maybe it was because it was Sunday morning – the morning after Saturday night, maybe this happens most days, I don’t know – but around that particular bus stop were several people affected by either drugs and/or alcohol, and/or mental illness.  At that stage my girlfriend app paled into insignificance.

Arriving at the Locks was a relief and I’m ashamed to say I was able to push to the back of my mind the ‘sons and daughters of someone’ back near Pioneer Square.

The Locks built in 1916 were awesome – we watched several boats including a massive barge laden with gravel and sand transit through.  It’s amazing how quickly they flood the lock using nothing but valves which are opened to let the water in.

Sitting here now on the rooftop deck of our apartment it’s 9.45pm and 26 degrees Celsius.  There are only half a dozen residents up here enjoying the breeze and it’s starting to get dark – life is pretty good to me girlfriend app or not!

5 Replies to “Girlfriend App”

  1. You’ve reached the age where you can wear anything you like. You have great taste and style
    already. Trust your own choices when you are shopping for that sun dress, if it makes you feel good, buy it! If you are still unsure, send me a selfie and I’ll give you an honest opinion 🙂


  2. Hey girlfriend, if you shop between 1-2pm I can be your girlfriend app while I’m eating breakfast!! 👗👡👜


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