No – HG’s not in it!  The Dog House was actually a restaurant/bar on Aurora Highway – one of the main northbound routes out of downtown Seattle.  Hence the sign – All roads led to the Dog House.  It ran for 60 years almost 24/7 finally closing in 1994.  I am totally loving the old American signage we come across – not all of it found in museums and galleries, although this one was!   Seattle is younger than Christchurch New Zealand (Seattle 1852, Christchurch 1848) and the varied cultures and greater population of around 684,000 make for a colourful city.


We visited the Museum of History and Industry (Mohai) yesterday choosing not to worry about the cost of entry into it – $20 each.  Some things you just got to let go!  Mohai’s entrance fee is one of them because by the time you leave you realise it is worth every penny!  The first thing I noticed walking through the front door was the Wawona Sculpture.    A tall tree trunk shaped wooden piece that extends from below the Museum floor in the lake right up to through the ceiling – all 63.5 feet of it.  It’s made from the hull of an old boat called Wawona.  It moves when you push it, and if you stand inside it you can see through a glass plate to the lake below.  Each ‘barnacle’ on the outside of it is cleverly made from an extra bit of hollowed out wood which is glued onto the main structure.  This attached bit is then plugged with more wood which the artist then drilled through and finished off smoothly to look like a barnacle!  I love it!

From a life-size ship’s bridge exhibit room complete with WW2 working periscope (the views of neighbouring buildings – not passing ships), to a movie recreation of The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 with flashing, singing prompts around the room – the museum wasn’t boring. The story of Seattle’s history was told well and flowed easily.

A bonus seeing the Turtle resting on the tree outside the museum, and watching the sea planes take off on Lake Union ….. $97.50 for a 20 minute flight over Seattle.  Or better, a flight over Olympic Mountain Rangers – I’m saving up for that one!




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