Ok – I’m ready to come home now. Today I had my first dose of homesickness. Not sure what set it off ……….it was either the grey day again, No.2 son and Gorgeous Girlfriend leaving us after their 2 week visit, No.3 son showing me the cows out the front of our property whilst skyping, or No. 1 son and his GG’s photos of their climb up our local MT Thomas with our (very fit looking) dog, Millie. Since our departure 3 months ago Millie has got leaner and stronger looking – I’m wondering if No.1 son and GG are secretly training her for the Firefighter Combat Challenge dog category!?

So to alleviate my sickness what better way than to plan my return trip home – just as you would mentally walk yourself through an important task, I worked out a good date to come home! Of course, HG has a job here and so cannot just up and leave any old time but I could duck away just a few weeks earlier? There are though, a few places I would like to visit before I leave – Santa Fe, New Mexico is top of that wee list with a trip to Abiquiu and the home of Georgia O’Keeffe, my most favourite artist. Santa Fe houses a museum in her honor and tours of her house and the area where she painted her New Mexico landscapes. I also have more visitors arriving who I’m looking forward to spending time with and showing the local sights to. And of course I have my lovely niece and her family in Vancouver who I’d like to visit more than once before I go home.

Working out a return date took me to a departure date around the time we are supposed to return to New Zealand anyway! So nothing was gained there apart from making me realize that we are over half way through our intended 6 month secondment, it’s only July and the best weather should be in August, the cows will still be out the front of our place when we get home ……………… as will the dog, and the boys and their GGs.

So I activated ‘Alleviate Homesickness Plan B’.  I knew this would work!  Eat something naughty, something that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat all in one day.   It was easy to achieve today because a great choice of yummy American fare was found down at Downtown Park this afternoon for July 4 festivities. The Pizza, Corn hotdog (HG bought me a small one …………is he trying to say something here? I’ve put on just a little bit of weight), and Hallie Berry (yes, that is what it was called – strawberries on a skewer covered in dark and white chocolate) where delicious, and together with HG’s big hugs seemed to do the trick and I was soon feeling chirpier.

I have to say the fireworks that were set off at 10.06pm were the best I’ve ever seen – they went for at least 15 to 20 minutes and were spectacular and loud. These photos don’t do the great sparks any justice – I have no idea how to take night time photos, and my silly camera is a Tyrannosaurus Rex so took it’s time resetting in-between clicks which meant it was all hit and miss really!  Looking forward to my photography lesson tomorrow morning with Lindsey Miller in Seattle – just in time for great photos out of our Vancouver trip next weekend.  Lovely niece and family get your smiles ready!!



4 Replies to “July 4”

  1. So enjoying your posts…….and pics! Hope you had a wonderful time with lovely niece (lovely daughter, “son-in-law” and grandson!) xxoo


    1. Thank you NJ! Did totally have an awesome time with LN and her gorgeous family 🙂 Vancouver is now our favourite city – parks, harbor, boats, great coffee, and a cute wee great nephew who loves fire engines!! xox


  2. You did amazingly well with your photos my friend! I can’t wait to see what you can produce after your photography course!! The fireworks look amazing! 👍🏻


    1. Thank you EB 🙂 My brain was frazzled after 1 1/2 hours of talking Aperture, Shutter, ISO, and Light Meter Reading …now for the practicing! xox


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