…..”It’s today” said Piglet “My favourite day” said Pooh         A.A. Milne

Yesterday we picked up the keys to our new apartment. When Stephen unlocked the front door we walked down the hall and turned into a kitchen/living room full of evening sun ……….. bliss!  It was flooding in through the floor to ceiling windows on the west side and we could see Seattle in the distance. The  floor to ceiling windows facing north have the most awesome view of Bellevue city. We are the first tenants in this apartment so everything is brand new and, yippee………clean!  I have no idea who our neighbors are or even if we have any, but we did meet one man in the lift as Stephen took us up to the apartment.  Stephen said to him he was looking very fit, and the man replied that yes he was (or is) an Army Ranger so he said he didn’t “mess” (he wasn’t as polite as that) about!!  Army Rangers (for those who don’t know, like me and had to ask HG) are the elite USA military force.  When I googled Army Ranger it said they were “lethal, agile, and flexible” – so I hope we don’t annoy him with our loud music.  We have signed up with Puget Sound Energy for our electricity, and Wave G which is our internet provider and only takes a day to connect.  At 1 gigabit we feel very spoiled.

It will be a few days before our rented furniture arrives but it is a milestone having the keys to our apartment in our pockets.

I had a less favorable day the day before having got a bit sick of my own company. I had ironed my hunter gatherer’s work shirts and done the dishes.  Given that all we have is 2 pots, 2 plates, 2 forks, knives and spoons and 2 cups, it doesn’t take long – and that’s with saving them all to wash once a day.  There is no house work to do in the motel unit – and I can only eat so much.  So………I decided to cut my hair.  I had flicked through a magazine (Vanity Fair no less), and thought there’s no time like now to reinvent myself – just do it!  Trouble was all I had was a pair of nail scissors.    I only got as far as my fringe before I got frustrated with the time it was taking to get the desired look.   Calculating that it would take another 2 hours to get round the whole head of hair, and the fact I didn’t have a mirror to check the back, I stopped.  I think it looks not too bad, although it hasn’t failed my attention that HG has been busy encouraging me to get out today and take a bus ride somewhere to keep busy!






2 Replies to ““What day is it?” ….”

  1. I think hair looks great -especially using nail scissors! Apartment amazing with super views too – hopefully the furniture will arrive soon and you can move in. What floor are you on? I remember when we got out of the lift at Clinton’s apartment, that people usually said “Have a good day” – much more pleasant than the Army Ranger who doesnt know how fit Sean is!
    Your blogs are wonderful to read. Love from us both xx


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