Spring has definitely sprung in Seattle and it’s looking beautiful.  The crows are cawing obviously enjoying the sunshine and warmer days – I love the sound they make.  Learning new things every day, Sunday was no different when we decided to bus into Seattle.  First step was finding the bus stop which is quite difficult when the names on the bus time table don’t mean a lot!  Still two brains are better than one (even ours) and we managed to find our way to Overlake Transit Centre.  We walked about reading each time table trying to find the bus to Seattle.  HG pips me to the post finding the right stop only to read that on Sunday’s there’s no bus.  Instead the timetable told us to walk to SR520 and NE40th Street – we looked blankly at each other having no idea where that was, but luckily HG pips me to the post again and spots a map with directions to SR520 and NE40th St ……………darn, I need to work a bit harder or my shopping spree will only be half earned!

As the bus rolls up HG has the money at the ready – 6 $1 bills.  We have an idea that the fare is around $2.50 each so we have enough.  Luckily the passenger in front of us is paying by cash and so we watch how it’s done – we can now pretend we’ve been here, done that before, no problem!  Alas, feeding 6 $1 bills through the slot and waiting for the change ( fare is $2.75 each) and tickets to appear takes FOREVER, especially when the bus driver isn’t forthcoming in telling you there is no change given nor any ticket issued!  Apologising to the woman waiting to board behind us we sat down quickly in nearest seats available.  Lesson learnt – buy an Orca bus pass asap, or put coins in to pay fare – they disappear in a flash down the shoot that counts them at the same time.  All experiences have an upside, and this one was no different. We listened to the character from Texas who was sitting next to us chat away to the character dressed in lycra who was sitting across the aisle tell him stories. Every now and then the lycra clad man would look at us and smile maybe trying to include us in the conversation but having made such an entrance we thought we’d keep to ourselves!

Seattle in spring on Sunday was gorgeous – beautiful buildings, old and new, people buzzing about, sidewalk cafes, Pike Place Market busy busy busy.  So much to see and do! Having spent time wandering around Pike Place Market, and the streets near by we decided to go home and make a “must visit” list and return again and often.




5 Replies to “Sunday’s trip into Seattle”

  1. Looks Ab Fab it’s great to have that learning curve for something so simple as catching a bus. Just tell them your Australian


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