For those of you who have regularly being reading my blog (and thank you to you, I love your messages), you will know that I have been eagerly anticipating a small shopping spree. I say anticipating, because we have now been here in Seattle for just over one month and I am still ‘window shopping’ – mostly (well totally actually ) because the cost of relocating to another country AND finalizing the build of a new house back home is crippling. The forced ‘look only’ period certainly has its positives though, and having had all that time dreaming about what my first shopping spree will consist of (shoes mainly) I now feel I can’t be bothered with it all! It’s been purged from my system so to speak; I’ve window shopped until I no longer want to see another pane of glass!  I haven’t told HG this yet – as Head of Household he will be delighted. Head of Household is a term used in America often when filling out Tax related forms etc. I looked up the definition of Head of Household and it read:

A status held by the person in a household who is running the household and looking after a qualified dependent. In order to qualify as head of household, the designated household must be located at the person’s home and the person must pay more than 50% of the costs involved in running the household.”

Not sure who is looking after who in our case, but for now HG can be bestowed the title!

P1130742In a few days we have our first of 6 visitors to stay – all the way from beautiful Rangiora will arrive Julie! It’s almost a fulltime job keeping the spare room booking diary up to date which is exactly what we wanted -I can’t wait to see everyone. To celebrate (and feed ourselves breakfast) I have made Toasted Muesli. I don’t have a cookbook here so got this recipe from Cookie & Kate an awesome wee blog I found. Kate is from Oklahoma and has amazing hair! Writing my blog has opened up a whole new world for me – another community. There are some utterly amazing blogs out there with truly though provoking stories and fabulous photography. It’s window shopping I guess, just behind a different pane of glass!


14 Replies to “Head of Household”

  1. A month already! Enjoying your blogs SO much. The longer you leave that shopping spree, the more awesome it will be……just imagine how refined your choices will be 🙂


  2. Well I’m with Lesley, you get out there and shop young lady until you drop. 🙂 Soooo loving your blogs, it feels like we’re living every adventure with you, xx


  3. Loving reading your Blog. You’re right Kate has got great hair, in addition to that I’m going to have to try some of those recipes!


  4. You need to slap yourself twice & get out there & shop girl!! I’m sure your visitors will help you out. If not I’ll tell Peter we must visit due to a retail emergency!! xx


    1. Maybe it’s a new condition – ‘retail shopping lethargy syndrome’ or RSLS for short? Perhaps it’s caused through lack of retail shopping companions – in which case your emergency dash could be just the thing? Would Pete be ok with HG having a beer whilst we shopped? xx


  5. Yum. Making me feel hungry! Love the H of H description, think yours will be QD now.
    Very qualified I think.
    Imagine being window shopped out. HG will be thrilled I’m sure. Xx


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