Summer has arrived………and a shopping spree!

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Well, the long weekend which is supposed to herald the start of summer here in America didn’t let us down on Monday.  After a reasonably grey and damp week, the last day of Memorial Day weekend was warm and sunny.  It was also the day HG and I decided to take the bus into Seattle for a days explore.  This time we had done our research and were prepared with a list!

Most visitors to Seattle will want to go to the Space Needle, a tower of 605 feet with 360 degree views.  It was built in 1962 for the opening of the Seattle World’s Fair and took an amazing 400 days to construct!

However, it is not the tallest building in Seattle – the Columbia Center at 967 feet takes that honor.  So up to the 73rd floor we whizzed in the elevator to the lookout deck.  It was up here we debated the theory behind heights and body dysfunction.  Whilst I cannot walk on a bridge over the freeway, I can look straight down 73 floors to the roads and buildings below no problem.  HG on the other hand has no trouble climbing a ladder unrestrained five or six floors up, but cannot function on the 73 floor of the Columbia Center – despite the fact it was totally enclosed.  Feeling physically sick, legs of jelly, and a fuzzy head, it was an experience he wished to forget.  The views were needless to say phenomenal.

It was such a shame that the Seattle Central Library was closed today but we will come back to visit it.  Only two blocks away from the Columbia Center it would have been the perfect place for HG to rest and compose himself.  Architecturally controversial it is an amazing piece of postmodern architecture 11 floors high.

Walking on to Chihuly Garden and Glass we passed through Belltown with it’s quaint old buildings and cafes.  Chihuly Garden and Glass is an amazing exhibition – a fantasy land of glass spirals, bowls, spears, light, bulbs and more.  There were children walking through the exhibition oohing and aahing like it was Christmas morning!  Well worth a visit.

Perhaps though, the most exciting outcome this Memorial Day Weekend has been the NORDSTROM Sale!  Having high hopes of endless bargins to be had, and having dreamt of this moment since we arrived in Seattle I suddenly got stage fright and just couldn’t think!!  So much choice, and so many lovely shoes.  Finally I decided to look at the product and not the price tag – my reasoning behind this was that as a 50 something year old I needed to buy ‘quality’ (easy to talk yourself into these things when necessary).  It was then that the right pair of shoes for me became a clear cut choice.  Hesitantly I turned them over to see the price – Steve Maddon shoes, $50 ……… not even on sale.  I was gutted – surely the next big sale I will find myself a bargin?  I have to say – they are great shoes, very comfortable and perfect for this 50 something year old.

HG on the other hand went MAD – two shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of sunglasses, a polo shirt, and a few bits and pieces for the gym!  Never have I seen HG shop so much………and more extraordinary – on his own!  To be fair it is well deserved and he does look flash.

6 Replies to “Summer has arrived………and a shopping spree!”

  1. Chihuly is amazing!
    If you go to the lower level in Nordstrom downtown, there is Nordstrom rack, which is sales all year 🙂


  2. Photos are fantastic – I love coloured glass so Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition sounds breathtaking. Hope to see a photo of those shoes soon!
    Thinking of HG up the Columbia Centre – no doubt the shopping would have been a welcome relief. xxx


  3. Isn’t chihuly amazing! Also on the lower level of Nordstrom is Nordstrom rack (sales all year)
    Please put both on the list for mum xxx


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