Today’s excursion was organized by HG – such a treat to not have to worry about the entertainment for a change!  Don’t you think though, it a bit curious that our destination of HG’s choice was right next door to a Fire Station?  He claims not to have known ……… I shall give him the benefit of my doubt – this time.


The Bellevue Strawberry Festival has been running for over 80 years, although surprisingly there weren’t a huge number of strawberries there!  Strawberries were a main crop in Bellevue back in the day when it was just fields and farms.   However, we did think the singer on stage sang beautifully and did her best to look strawberry like.

Meanwhile we did our best to taste a few yummy things …… although I wasn’t brave enough to buy an Elephant’s Ear fearing it was loaded with sugar?

Forgiveness must be asked for the shoddy photos – taken on my very old Nokia mobile phone with butter smeared fingers!!  Trip Leader forgot the camera – or was that really my responsibility?  We will iron that one out before our next excursion 🙂

4 Replies to “Strawberry Festival”

  1. Hi honey! Do you know if a large proportion of the people there were locals? I am interested in whether you have found the criticism of many Americans being hugely overweight to be a myth or highly exaggerated? Most people in your photos there looked ‘average’? I am not being judgemental because I am currently eating peanut butter on toast for a snack so it would be somewhat hypocritical! We found that particular summation to be largely untrue when we were in Orlando a couple of years ago so I am interested in your thoughts/observations? Keep blogging!!!


    1. Hi EB! Not sure where the majority of people at the Strawberry Festival came from, but school is out here so there could well have been visitors from further afield than Bellevue. I do know that our local Bellevue people in large LOVE the outdoors – hiking, biking, running, gyms etc. Within about 200 hundred metres of our apartment there are 2 Pilates studios, 2 yoga studios, and 2 gyms! The mountains for hiking and skiing are all around us, as is the water for sailing! I really think that there are no more people struggling with their weight in American than there are in New Zealand. xox


  2. Yumm, made our mouths’ water. Remember travelling down to the Waimate Strawberry Festival and being disappointed there weren’t a huge number of strawberries there either. Looks as though the roasted corn more than made up for it !!! xx


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