Whether it’s just a day trip or a many day’s trip, one must always be prepared for the totally unexpected. Our return trip home from a day’s jaunt to Leavenworth (2 hours’ drive from Bellevue) turned out to be a trip of epic proportions – maybe slightly exaggerated looking back, but at the time that was how it seemed.

Not anticipating a traffic jam in the middle of the beautiful Cascade Mountains, on the single lane I2 route I wished we had used the bathrooms at the Waterfall Trail we had just left! At one stage it took us about an hour and a half to travel 7 miles. Just as soon as things sped up and we thought we were on the move, we slowed right down again to an undetectable crawl. Certain there had to have been a traffic accident around every corner we turned we were delighted to arrive in Sultan without seeing one. Interestingly, at one stage during our undetectable crawl we came to a passing lane and not one single car sped up to overtake and take advantage of a few cars gain! I’ve never seen such politeness on New Zealand roads despite the fact that there would have been little achieved from doing so!

So two things to never forget – always use the toilet before you leave regardless of how smelly and ugly they are, secondly never travel home on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at 4pm because you can bet your bottom dollar everyone else is!


2 Replies to “Leavenworth”

  1. Wow, it’s very beautiful there! And it’s lovely to see you in front of the camera Sharon! It’s great to see you looking relaxed. X


    1. It is stunning – unfortunately I missed a lot of photo opportunities as we drove to Leavenworth because it was so hard to stop and pull over! Thanks EB xox


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