Not every day is productive. Sometimes I have a self-indulgent day – and today was one of them!  Mid-day and I had answered emails, checked on the flight status of my Mum In Laws altered itinerary, and plucked my eyebrows. The rest of the day was my own.

Having started last night watching 3 Coins in the Fountain movie on Netflix and not finished it, I decided that watching the rest of the movie would be a good way to fill in an hour or so this afternoon. Filmed in 1954 in Rome it gets top marks for wardrobe, and scenery! It’s one of those romantic, feel good movies which despite the verbal’s makes you smile.

Memorable quotes:

Woman at Cocktail Party: My husband declares that I was simply born to be a writer. He says if anyone just took a pencil and followed me around, they’d have a novel. John Frederick Shadwell: My dear lady, I should be delighted to get behind you with a pencil.

Maria Williams: A pinch is a pinch in any man’s language.

John Frederick Shadwell: Why can’t women play the game properly? Everyone knows that in love affairs only the man has the right to lie.

John Frederick Shadwell: These girls in love never realize that they should be honestly dishonest instead of being dishonestly honest.

[Walking down a street in Rome, Maria gets a pinch from a fresh young Italian man] Maria Williams: Anita, somebody pinched me. Anita Hutchins: Don’t look back. It’s considered an encouragement. Just pretend you didn’t notice.Anita Hutchins: Are you kidding? I’ll kick him right in his antipasto!

Miss Frances: You can’t be as antisocial as you are and still expect people to know you’re alive.

Miss Frances: Meeting Mama in Italy is the first step to the alter.

John Frederick Shadwell: Don’t forget, I knew you when you were still running around in three-cornered pants.

Maria Williams: Hello. I’m Maria Williams. We met at the Burgoyne’s, Mr. Shadwell, but I’m sure you don’t remember me. John Frederick Shadwell: You’re quite wrong. I remember you very well. It’s the party I’ve forgotten.

John Frederick Shadwell: Punctuality is the vice of virtuous women.

Maria Williams: Well, different pictures say different things to different people. Prince Dino di Cessi: Yes, but the right paintings say the right things to the right people. Maria Williams: Yes, and you’re so right.

Having shed a tear this morning for the victims and families of the Truck Massacre in France the movie was a momentary relief ……….but only momentary.

A big day today in the research department too!  I discovered I’m a Rectangle shape.  Never quite certain what clothes suit me, I decided get to the bottom of it!  I found a website with a proven formula to determine one’s shape – it was quite mathematical actually which I struggled with but I persevered and trust I got the right answer!?

Without a tape measure it was tricky but I found a nice long cord of some sort – think it’s a cellphone charge cord – and wrapped it around me in the suggested areas (i/e hips, waist, shoulders etc) marking in black pen the measures.  Then, having found the only measure we possess, a ruler – I measured the marks I had made on the cellphone charger cord!


I was then able to apply the mathematical’ s to get the answers that divulged the long awaited answers to my body shape.  Was it to be the Pear, the Hourglass, the Apple, the Inverted Triangle……..or the Rectangle?  Well, anyone that knows me will know the answer was always going to be the Rectangle so no surprise there.  But it was a fun experiment anyway, and goes to prove that not everything you read on WHO, WHAT, WEAR is rubbish!!

Pokémon Go came to Main Street, Bellevue last night too!  There was a wee frenzy across the road as people with cellphones glued to arms raced around excitedly then just as quickly disappeared.


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