You might notice I’ve made a few changes to RedAlders.

Firstly, I had a play around the other day and ended up changing the Header picture, and colour theme. This is something I do on a regular basis especially on my what I call my ‘unproductive days’ – but not always do I go ahead and hit the ‘save’ button. I don’t quite know how to fine tune the site – WordPress have a lot of theme’s you can choose from, and advise on how to change bits and pieces but somehow I never quite get my head around it all. Hope you like the lighter feel to it!

Secondly, I added a couple of photo pages (top right hand corner). These I was going to do in month segments, but today whilst ironing HG’s work shirts I came up with the idea of segmenting them into other categories – for example, skyscapes, rural buildings, people, landscapes etc. This will take me a wee while to do so continue to watch that wee space!

Thirdly, my gorgeous HG turned a year older on Sunday. Having not such a good day on Saturday with me feeling under the weather and HG pulling a muscle in his back, Sunday was spent relaxing. First stop was Walmart where they have a Celebrate department – HG enjoyed that ……… despite him being the only person in it! I left him there for a moment while I went and found an airbed to buy for one of the sons to sleep on while here, they both arrive tomorrow. Then we took a picnic, a yoga mat and a pillow to Downtown Park and spent quite a few hours either reading, snoozing, or counting small dogs and Pokémon players. Fascinating to watch the Pokémon players all walking exactly the same path like zombies from a movie, like sheep following each other until one of them yells excitedly and they all rush about! HG wondered if this game was created by someone who wanted to do some sort of experiment on human behavior?

Despite being a year older – and married to me – HG still has sense of humor, so I think enjoyed his very quiet day.

2 Replies to “A few changes ..”

  1. What a great way to spend a day! Did you get some yoga in as well? Happy belated birthday to Sean. The weather looks fab!! That’s wonderful having more of the family come & visit. Enjoy xx


    1. The weather is beautiful and I will pass on your birthday wishes to the birthday boy – thank you! No yoga been done on that mat – yet. Good intentions and all that! xox


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